OPC's are vitamin C's natural co-factor in protecting life against free radicals. OPC's and ascorbic acid are essential anti-scurvy nutrients, building and protecting collagen. Collagen is major constituent of vascular wall and is the body's elasticity factor. Cracked, stiff or unhealthy collagen forms basis of various conditions. Moderate consumption of red wine is healthy because of high OPC's content. As supreme free radicals scavenger, OPC's inhibit premature aging of all tissues. Dietary deficiency of OPC's and other essential nutrients cause degenerative and cardiovascular diseases.


During the 1960s a French product made from the bark of the Maritime Pine (Pinus Maritima) was profoundly researched and brought to perfection. By 1970 this Pine Bark Complex, discovered and first researched by Prof. Dr. Jack Masquelier, had be come crowned with 5 patents in France, the U.K. and the USA and its applications especially in the field of vascular medicine had been well established. In 1987 Dr. Masquelier was granted yet another U.S. Patent, describing the antioxidant properties of Oligomeric ProanthoCyanidins (OPC's), the key ingredient in MASQUELIER's® FRENCH PINE BARK COMPLEX.

The extraction methods describing the manufacturing of MASQUELIER's® FRENCH PINE BARK COMPLEX have been improved since Dr. Masquelier's first method, describing the production of a product from the skins of peanuts, was patented in 1948. (French Patent No.968.589). The first patent describing the bark of the PINUS MARITIMA as a useful source of Oligomeric ProanthoCyanidins (then still called: leucocyanidin) was granted to Masquelier in 1953 on the 29th of April. (French Patent 1.036.922)

MASQUELIER's® FRENCH PINE BARK COMPLEX is the specific complex of phyton-utrients manufactured from the bark of the French Maritime Pine tree since 1950. Though also rich in OPC's, MASQUELIER's® FRENCH PINE BARK COMPLEX contains (traces of) substances, such as taxifolic acid and caffeic acid, which cannot be characterized as OPC's.


"International Nutrition Company" (INC), is the worldwide source of MASQUELIER's® Original OPC's - ANTHOGENOL ®.

MASQUELIER's® Original OPC's - ANTHOGENOL® is the Finest Phyto-Nutrient, discovered and first produced in 1948 by Professor Dr. Emeritus Jack Arthur Masquelier. This Finest Phyto-Nutrient has become the Daily Dietary Companion of smart nutritional supplements users, who take it because of it's proven health benefits as officially published in the USA.

Independent research showed that it is not a grape seed extract. Moreover, INC can assure you that it is the original ANTHOGENOL® created by Dr. Jack Masquelier. Wherever you live, there's a way how to get and there's a way how to recognize MASQUELIER's® Original OPC's by their trademarks. INC is convinced that MASQUELIER's® Original OPC's-ANTHOGENOL®, is the nutrient that will change your life for the better.

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Source:International Nutrition Company, INC. www.inc-opc.com.

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