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"OPC in Practice"
Dr. Jack Masquelier Baltimore lecture with title:
"A lifetime devoted to OPC and Pycnogenols"

"Dr. Masquelier's Mark on Health"


"OPC in Practice"

During 1994-1995 ABC-Media produced the "OPC in Practice" video, which highlights Dr. Jack Masquelier. Dr. Masquelier is the world famous discoverer of OPC's, a phytonutrient compound consisting of the smallest members of a family of natural substances called Proanthocyanidins. As a result, ABC's archives contain many hours of a unique and exclusive video-interview made with Dr. Masquelier during 1994 as well as unique footage of Dr. Masquelier at work in the laboratory of Centre d' Exploitation des Procyanidines (CEP). The "OPC in Practice" video was published in conjunction with the publication of a book that carries the same title (ISBN 88-86035-13-6).

"OPC in Practice" Video 54 minutes

English version
Mandarin version
Cantonese version
South Korean version
German version
Dutch version

(all versions in both PAL or NTSC format)

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Dr. Jack Masquelier Baltimore lecture
"A lifetime devoted to OPC and Pycnogenols"

Dr. Jack Masquelier's Premier American Scientific Address

On 18 October 1996 Dr. Jack Masquelier spoke in Baltimore during a seminar that was organized by Primary Services International (PSI), Fairfield, Connecticut, USA.

PSI is the North American distributor for Dr. Masqueliers's OPC85 authentic extracts from the bark of the Pinus Maritima and the seeds of the Vitis Vinifera grapes.

Baltimore lecture book and audio cassette available in English translation.

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"Dr. Masquelier's Mark on Health"

As a consequence of the "OPC in Practice" project, ABC-Media is now involved in diverse activities that focus on the important work of Professor Dr. Jack Masquelier. ABC-Media takes care of the distribution and promotion of "Dr. Masquelier's Mark on Health" a new book published in February 2004. In "Dr. Masquelier's Mark on Health" readers can meet the famous French professor and learn how his work deeply and positively affects human health (ISBN 88-86035-20-09).

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