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ABC (Amsterdam Broadcast CompanY)

ABC (Amsterdam Broadcast CompanY) created in 1993 as an audiovisual production and distribution unit. ABC-Media specifically deals with publications and their dissemination and distribution. ABC-Media also provides services in the field of public relations, marketing, advertising and promotion, mostly in or through the printed media.
ABC is a division of "The Little Archives of the World', a Foundation which has as its goal the collection, conservation and protection of historic film, sound and video footage for educational use.
Having started his career during the late 1960's as a sound technician and film-editor for television commercials, ABC's founder and director, Barry van der Sluis, started his own postproduction studio's in 1972 (Studio22) and 1982 (Holland Satellite Television). While the decennia's past his career, he worked on more than 1000 television- and film items and so he developed an allround knowledge of the technical as well as the artistic, communicative, journalistic and commercial aspects of the audiovisual and printed media, and last but not least, the enormous wide spread of contact's with leading people in the field of film and television

The Little Archives of the World

studerLAW (The Little Archives of the World Foundation) was founded in 1987. The founders are people whofor decades worked in Film- and Television production and direction. They like start to collect audiovisual material from film and television producers, directors and private owners sources for educational use. The Foundation is also involved in educational projects involving recordings of music and theatrical performances.




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